Save the Ocean


Dive Against Debris Survey

Nalusuan Island in Cebu, Philippines.Our ocean cleanup efforts support the Dive Against Debris Survey, sponsored by the Project Aware Foundation. Rather than simply disposing of the marine debris collected during the cleanup activity, many divers have been able to support Dive Against Debris, an initiative that seeks to study more about marine pollution from discarded debris in the world’s oceans by categorizing the contents of the debris they collect and registering their reports online. To that end, the Society will take a variety of actions to promote the Dive Against Debris Survey, which is more than just a clean-up dive to pick up trash. We will also publicize our activities in the social media to make these activities more widely known.

Project Aware Beach Clean Activity

Just as important as ocean protection are activities to improve the environment around the ocean. We can see many areas where a lot of garbage has been dumped and polluted, such as the land by the beach. When we conduct ocean cleanup dives by divers, we also conduct beach cleanup activities by non-divers.