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Scuba Professionals @ Mactan Cebu

Mactan Bridge at NightWe are a non-profit consortium of scuba diving businesses on Mactan Island, the home of the international airport in Cebu, Philippines. It was established in 2020 to support scuba divers in the challenging environment of the new corona disaster, while at the same time supporting Dive Against Debris and Project Aware activities to collect, analyze and report marine and coastal debris. The Association is managed by a council of business owners who are mainly involved in scuba diving business in Cebu Mactan, and we are always looking for new members to join the council.

The main purpose of our activities

  • Support for individuals and businesses involved in the diving industry in Mactan Island to get jobs
  • Ongoing support for Project Aware activities
  • Ongoing full support for the Dive Against Debris campaign
  • Regular beach cleans & clean dives and debris analysis reports
  • Free debris analysis & reporting on your behalf
  • Support for personal search for dive professionals and chefs and purchase of their services
  • Free training in various categories for diving professionals
  • Life support for individual members (providing side jobs, lunch meetings, study groups, etc.)
  • Creation and management of videos (in Japanese and English) introducing local related stores
  • Protecting local guides from being hired privately by foreigners at unreasonably low prices
    Prevention of unpaid fees to local guides by advance card payment

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