Guideline for Photo Reporter

photo reporter Activity Report

Main Concept

The purpose of this initiative is to get our guests in Japan interested in Cebu. We have to choose subjects that will make them feel like they want to come to Cebu after seeing the photos. For this purpose, the subjects should mainly feature tourist spots, street food restaurants, and popular places, stores, and customs among Cebu people. Family meals, family business, celebrating or grieving events are also good topics to introduce Cebu’s customs and manners. The photos should include at least one pull-out photo that shows the whole scene, at least one photo of a store or other establishment that shows the products and prices, such as a menu or a subject you want to emphasize, and several photos of you or your friends or family. Be sure to include a selfie or group photo of the person sending the photo or their family to prove that the five photos are truly your originals.

Do not do this !

Do not send 5 similar photos !

We require 5 Photos, but we will not accept if you send 5 similar looking photos like below.
we need 5 different photos of a topic.

Good samples

a Good Sample #1

a Good sample #2

below is a good sample of “5 Photos set” , this example shows how you can send photos of some shops. always include at least 1 photo of outside view, also at least 1 photo of inside view and foods or items they sell. but we more like photos with you and your friends eating or viewing items inside store. please include at least 1 selfie or group photo of you. do not concentrate on food or items they selling too much.

a Ggood sample #3

Below photos are another good sample. if you want to introduce some street food shop like selling mais. include 1 photo of outside view, entire shop view, products they selling, inside shop view and person who is selling at shop. also you can include a photo of menu panel or sign board. also please include you and your friends selfie or group photos.

How to send “shop report”

1. Always include front view of the shop and menu or price list

2. Do not focus on food too much just 1 or 2 photos are enough


3. Always include your selfie or group photo with you and others

Other useful hints

Group photos are always welcomed


we Always like to have group photos or selfie of you.

Also this is acceptable


Audience always wants to see Philipinos living in Cebu.

Hold your camera properly and stable

The left photo is absolutely not acceptable. take photos properly like right photo below.

Do not decorate or put texts on your photos

Please do not decorate or modify, filter your photos, Also please do not put any texts or lines on your photos.

Do not send too small size photos

Photo size should be more than 960px big.

Do not mix portrait and landscape photos

Please do not mix landscape photos and portrait photos in the report.


Do not send boring photos

you better think what kind of photo your audience prefer, don’t just send boring photos, always select good theme like below. the photo below won 2021 August award. please consider taking interesting photos.

The topics we always like is as follows

  • Family breakfast, lunch, dinner photos
  • having relaxation time with friends, family members, etc.
  • any interesting photos related to Mactan/Cebu
  • small news photos such as Mango festival, Fiesta, traffic accidents, etc.
  • Kids photos, Family Business Photos, etc.
  • Your favorite karenderia (Pongkox2), street foods, etc.
  • your family business

bad sample

Good Sample

Always try to include more “people” on your photo.